For dedicated non-surgical face and body enhancement treatments, the SlimLUX is a leading choice for innovative salons, medispas and wellness clinics. Utilising both Ultrasound Body Contouring and Radiofrequency (RF) technology, the SlimLUX works hard to deliver impressive results when it comes to cellulite and fat reduction, body contouring, facial skin tightening and sonophoresis skincare infusion.


  • Face and body fat reduction
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Face and body skin tightening
  • Fine line and wrinkle reduction
  • Sonophoresis skincare infusion facials

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How it Works

1. Focussed Ultrasound Body Shaping

SlimLUX Ultrasound Body Contouring works by targeting fat cells in the adipose tissue with high-frequency sound waves that shake the cell membrane to the point of rupture. This process breaks down and disperses the fat tissue which is then taken on by the lymph system, exiting the body through natural sweat, urine and bowel movements. Ultrasound Body Contouring treatment only works on the targeted unwanted fat cells and does not cause damage to surrounding, healthy skin tissue. The entire bodily process takes several days to complete following treatment which is why sessions are spaced at weekly intervals.

Client Benefits

  • A non-surgical and non-invasive alternative to liposuction and face/skin lifting procedures
  • Treatment is painless with instant results that just get better over time
  • No post-treatment downtime allows clients to get on with daily activities as usual
  • Clients can request treatment on virtually any part of their face or body
  • Sonophoresis: Ultrasound skincare infusion facials deepen product penetration resulting in greater absorption of the skincare ingredients to deliver more radiant facial outcomes

Typically a course of 5-10 treatments is required to achieve optimal results, making SlimLUX a pro-active way to increase booking rates and keep clients coming back through your door.

Before and After – Treatments with the SlimLUX

2. Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening

RF energy is an effective treatment for addressing skin laxity on the face and body and is commonly used for non-surgical face and body lifts such as under-eye bags, neck, jowls, buttocks, décolleté firming and postnatal tummy tightening. When synergised with ultrasound cavitation, RF can aid further fat breakdown and also tighten the skin in the area where the cavitation treatment has taken place.

During treatment, the therapist slowly rotates the handpiece over the targeted area transmitting radio waves through the upper layers of the skin to the dermis – heating the dermis to between 39 and 45 degrees Celsius without harm to surrounding tissue. This process activates the following treatment benefits.

Treatment Benefits

  • Tissue retraction: The generated heat causes local contraction of the collagen fibres resulting in immediate tightening of the skin
  • New collagen formation: By heating the dermis, new collagen production is stimulated and keeps working beneath the surface for 1-3 months after treatment
  • Improved circulation: RF improves blood and lymphatic flow. This induces increased oxygen supply and greater toxin clearance to further reduce the signs of ageing

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Technical Specifications

  • Cavitation Types: 40 KHz and 1 MHz
  • Vacuum Hand Piece: Yes
  • Operating Interface: 10 inch colour touch screen
  • Number of RF handpieces: 1 with 2 x RF facial and body treatment tips
  • Ultrasound handpieces: 1 x 40KHz and 3 x 1MHz
  • Net Weight: 35kg
  • Warranty: 1 year (extendable)

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