5 Reasons Why LED is a Skin Therapist’s Best Friend

LED is a must-have technology not only due to its consumer popularity, but because of its sheer value-driven versatility in the treatment room. Here are 5 reasons why this is the one technology you do not want to be without.

1. LED is the easiest high-tech facial ever

Mere exposure to therapeutic LED light is beneficial to the skin in and of itself — you don’t need much else (though there are recommended methods for intensifying the effects of LED through topical skincare and ‘layered’ facials). Combine that with the fact that our LED systems require no manual application (so therapists can get on with other work while treatment is underway), and you have the easiest high-tech facial ever!

2. LED is super versatile

While LED is fantastic as a stand-alone light facial service, it can also be incorporated into many other product and tech-based facial treatments, allowing aestheticians to create their own signature facials enhanced with the restorative and regenerative properties of LED light. Finish off a skincare-based facial with a 15 minute LED treatment for added skin brightening, or layer LED with hydrodermabrasion, oxygen therapy and microcurrent for the ultimate age-defying service.

3. LED is an easy upsell

Improve sales results and profits by offering each client the option of an LED upgrade when booking their facial treatment. As LED requires minimal consumables and has a low running cost, this is a win-win situation for both business and client. For just a small extra cost, the client can enhance their facial results with a burst of LED (blue light for skin clearing facials, red light for anti-ageing facials), while the therapist increases their earnings without barely lifting a finger!

4. LED is great for everyone

There is nothing worse than having to turn a client away because your treatments are not suitable for their skin type or condition. LED is gentle, pain-free, non-thermal and non-irritant, making it a fantastic skin corrective treatment for sensitive, delicate and acneic skin types that may have to shy away from more aggressive skin renewal treatments such as microdermabrasion.

5. LED is affordable

LED definitely sits on the more affordable side of the aesthetic technology spectrum, but that by no means suggests that it is inferior to more expensive devices. We are confident that your clients will also be raving about the visible ‘post-LED glow’ that occurs a day or two after treatment!

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