Why more salons are helping to remove unwanted tattoos

The rise of tattoo removal in beauty salons

1. The tattoo industry is booming

More Australians than ever have tattoos. According to recent statistics, 1 in 5 Aussies have one or more tattoos, with women outnumbering men as the most tattooed sex. But with the rise in getting inked also comes the post-tattoo regret. Of all the tattooed Aussies, 1 in 4 wish they never got it. This has seen a boom in the demand for tattoo removal services spread nationwide, giving rise to the inclusion of tattoo removal technology in big medi-spa chains, as well as boutique beauty salons. Is your business catering to the local market of men and women seeking help to turn back the clock on unwanted tattoos?

2. Clients love a one-stop-shop!

With Australians leading busier lifestyles than times past, most clients seek convenience in a service provider. If your business can save clients time, travel and money by offering a high standard one-stop-shop service for all of their aesthetics needs, they will stick with you for the long run. Salon owners increasingly understand that by adding tattoo removal treatments to their menu means they can provide additional service options for both regular and long-term clients. As an extra incentive, moving into tattoo removal also welcomes in a whole new demographic of tattooed customers who had not heard of their business before seeking out professional tattoo removal services.

3. Tattoo removal brings repeat business 

One of the most business-savvy reasons why salon owners are incorporating tattoo removal into their treatment menu is that tattoo removal requires multiple treatments. Regardless of which tattoo removal technology you invest in, each client requires a course of treatments —  typically ranging between 6 and 12 — to achieve optimal results. Depending on the age, quality, colour and size of the tattoo, treatments can at times even exceed 12 sessions. This makes tattoo removal a highly profitable business for salon, spa and clinic owners seeking a strategic way to grow their profits, client base and brand awareness.

4.Multi-functional devices make tattoo removal more value-driven

While you can purchase a dedicated tattoo removal machine (like our signature UltraLASE), tattoo removal technology is also available within select advanced aesthetic workstations, such as the UltraLUX V4 PLUS and TRI-BEAM™ laser. Both these devices offer multiple aesthetic treatments (such as skin rejuvenation or resurfacing) alongside tattoo removal, allowing business owners to push their Return on Investment harder by opening up a wide range of profitable income streams that originate from the purchase of a single, strategic device.

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