Beauty Expo Melbourne 2020: Make it one to remember!

Beauty Expo Melbourne is just a few fast weeks away, so it's time to start planning your visit. Will we see you at Beauty Expo Melbourne? We've got an exciting schedule lined up so make sure you pop The Global Beauty Group on your 'must-visit' list to ...
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Creating An Eco-Friendly Salon

In 2020, being conscious of our consumption and environmental impact is a no-brainer. By default, beauty businesses aren't the most sustainable spaces but taking steps to make these processes greener is absolutely possible! We share 4 different approaches you can take to creating a more ...
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Keep accountable to your marketing plan

How are your business's new year's resolutions going? If your goal in 2020 is to give your marketing a bit more love, then this one's for you. Do you have a strategy in place?  Have you developed a strategy for what you'd like to get out of ...
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Treating Sun Damaged Clients In Your Clinic

Did you know the #1 skin concern of Australian's is sun damage?  Sun damage and ageing: what's the connection?  “Sun damage”, “premature ageing” – while it goes by many names, the fact remains that sun exposure can rapidly accelerate the ageing process. 80% of our ageing is directly ...
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Your social media questions answered

In 2020, your salon having a social media presence is a must. But why? how? what platform? Our experts answer some of your most frequently asked social media questions to make sure you're maximising online opportunities. Do I really need social media? Yes! Between Facebook and Instagram, ...
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Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

Whether you're a sucker for anything heart-shaped or roll your eyes at yet ANOTHER proposal on Facebook, Valentine's Day can be a super-profitable day for your salon! We're sharing 3 different ways you can spread the love in your salon this Valentine's Day. Don't leave it ...
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Creating Lifetime Clients

Client loyalty quick facts: 1. Client retention = consistent profit 2. Regular clients are more open to trying new services (and spend more doing so) 3. Loyal clients refer new clients = loyal client base growth With all of this in mind, how do you create lifetime clients? We ...
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Protected: Welcome to innovative, award-winning technology for industry leading results.

Bio-Hydroderm Trinity The Bio-Hydroderm Trinity is a sophisticated hydrodermabrasion device that delivers controlled exfoliation, hydrating product infusion and treatments that are not only efficacious, but comfortable and relaxing for clients. Discover More Bio-Penta Bio-Penta is the latest technology developed by Bio-Therapeutic, combining five of their innovative technologies into one ...
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The Power Of Layering Treatment Technologies

It's no secret that UltraLUX PRO and MediLUX LED go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating a powerhouse service menu. But how exactly do you mix-and-match technologies in the treatment room? We show you 5 ways you can layer our star January technologies for exceptional treatment ...
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We Predict Top Trends For 2020

This year, how are you ensuring your business stands out from the competition? From a signature experience to forward-thinking approaches to holistic skin health, we share 4 trends we're predicting will make a huge impact in 2020. Skin Treatments - Beyond The Face   Skin corrective treatments aren't strictly ...
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Bonus MediLUX LED with every UltraLUX PRO this Jan!

How will you stand out from the competition in 2020?  Two-For-One Powerhouse Technologies!  Want to kick off 2020 with a complete treatment menu revamp? How does 17 new services sound? This January, we've paired two powerhouse technologies for exceptional clinical and business results. Purchase our UltraLUX PRO 12-in-1 ...
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LUX Series IPL and Laser Hair Removal Technology

Advanced hair removal, Australian designed features and multi-functional devices with up to 13 in demand treatments. PowerLUX The PowerLUX IPL is the latest development in efficacious aesthetic technology specially designed to drive home high caliber clinical results for up and coming salons, spas and clinics while maintaining ...
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Last Minute Christmas Marketing Tips

There’s always someone that has left their Christmas shopping to the last minute. In fact, a study by Google indicated that 70% of shoppers confessed to leaving their shopping to the week before the big day! Let’s explore 4 ways your salon can be at the forefront ...
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4 Technologies To Deliver Serious Skin Rejuvenation Results

Firmer, tighter and lifted skin. Advanced skin rejuvenation results are often associated with painful and costly surgery – not anymore! Thanks to these forward-thinking LUX Series technologies, you are able to deliver serious rejuvenation results painlessly and effectively. Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Instant tightening, no downtime with ...
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Creating A Head-To-Toe Clinic

With their busy lifestyles, what clients increasingly want from their clinician is quality, diversity of treatment options, and convenience. They are often overwhelmingly interested in more than just one service — and more importantly, they want to give their business to clinics who offer all ...
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Christmas Marketing Tips

Think October is too early to be thinking about Christmas? Think again! Now is the perfect time to be finalising your Christmas marketing action plan to ensure you have ample time to spread the holiday cheer in your clinic. 1. Gift Packs Christmas-themed gift packs are a must ...
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Creating Transformative Treatment Journeys

It's no secret that we're huge fans of utilising your technology to create bespoke, signature experiences that ensure you stand out from the crowd. Creating Transformations  Have you considered taking signature treatments to a whole new level and developing weekly treatment programs? We're sharing 3 technology-driven packages that ...
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Celebrating IPL Results

We all know that IPL technology is a popular approach to hair removal but the results our IPL machines achieve for unwanted skin concerns is equally remarkable! This makes IPL an affordable solution for small businesses looking to grow with the help of aesthetic technology ...
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