Discovering OBSERV 520

Let's take a look at the 6 OBSERV 520 observation modes in more detail Enhancing sales results and client service experience  Equipped with six comprehensive observation modes to analyse skin health, OBSERV 520 allows both the skin professional and client to study skin irregularities in great detail ...
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Re-Booking With Ease

What is your salon's re-booking rate? We all know (and love) the benefits of a consistent re-booking rate - team targets are met, peace of mind, increased profit and ease of forward-thinking business planning. To boost your re-booking rates and confidence, we share 3 ways to have ...
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5 Must-Know Social Media Updates

Are you using social media to its fullest potential? With the likes of Facebook and Instagram regularly updating their platforms, it can be difficult to keep up with what is available for you and your business. Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Rachel Medlock shares 5 updates to ...
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Father’s Day Marketing Tips

Is your clinic ready for Father's Day? If you're not already targeting the male market, you're missing out on a huge client base boost! Here are 3 ways to utilise Father's Day as an opportunity to boost your male clientele. 1. Get together Father’s Day skincare packs For ...
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3 ways to increase your upselling confidence

Upselling - a walk in the park for some, an intimidating experience for others. Taking the time to feel confident in your upselling not only improves your bottom line but enhances your position as your clients' skin expert. Passionate about achieving your clients' skin goals? Let's take ...
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Taking Your Treatments To The Max…imus

Why do clients seek transformative body, anti-ageing and skin corrective treatments? To look younger, to help with weight loss, improve self-confidence and most impactfully, to feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. With non-surgical services rising quicker than ever and 62% ...
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Treatment Trend: Brazilian Butt Lift

Bespoke body contouring treatments are on the rise and Brazilian Butt Lifts are leading the way! Learn what they are, what makes a Brazilian Butt Lift special and how to promote them in your business.  What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?  A Brazilian Butt Lift utilises triple-action body ...
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Trending Treatments

From butt lifts to back facials, modern clinics are continuing to push the boundaries and deliver innovative treatments that ensure their business stands out from the competition. We break down 3 of the latest bespoke service, how they work and why they've become social media sensations. Brazilian ...
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Your Top Marketing Questions Answered

If you’re running a busy beauty business, how do you stand out from the crowd and welcome new customers? We’ve chosen some of your most frequently asked marketing and promotional questions and asked our marketing experts to share their insights below! When is the best time to ...
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Crafting a memorable Signature Facial

Do you currently offer a signature facial? It's time to craft a memorable signature facial experience A signature facial gives you a competitive edge and offers a memorable experience that your competition can't compete with. We're here to help craft your perfect signature facial by sharing our ...
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Maximise Opportunities With Before & After Pictures

Achieving incredible results? Time for before and after pictures to play an integral role in your marketing!  Cater to a visual-based society In the very visually based world of beauty and aesthetics, a picture truly speaks louder than words. When considering a new treatment or procedure, clients ...
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Introducing Bio-Penta

Once again Bio-Therapeutic is showcasing why they are world leaders in cutting-edge aesthetic technology with the launch of the ground-breaking Bio-Penta 5-in-1 facial station. The future of high-tech facial systems is here - introducing Bio-Penta By streamlining 5 top treatment technologies into one tabletop system, they ...
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5 Time Saving Social Media Tips

Social media is one of the most popular and effective ways to market your clinic, but it can also be one of the most time-consuming! Our Digital Marketing Specialist Rachel Medlock shares her 5-time saving hacks that gifts you some free time to focus on ...
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Treatment Menu Revamped: Layered Treatments

Ready to push your treatment outcomes to greater heights? Incorporating advanced layered treatments into your service range provides an ultra-professional approach to skin rejuvenation and easily crafts a series of signature experiences. What is Layering? Layering is the aesthetic technique of combining 2 or more treatment technologies ...
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Mother’s Day Marketing Tips

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! If you haven’t yet put together your marketing action plan, we’re here with some last-minute promotional ideas to help you make mum’s everywhere feel wonderful, while ensuring your appointment book is overflowing with business-boosting opportunities! 1. Let’s Hear It For The ...
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Layering Skin Services With LED

A quality LED Light Therapy Machine is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business thanks to its easy integration into a clinic’s treatment menu. Having LED services available at your clinic ensures you can provide professional grade skin-corrective services to even the ...
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How-to: Lip plumping WITHOUT needles

Your questions answered: Can you plump lips without injections? Is non-surgical lip plumping possible?  Q: I’d like to set my beauty business apart from others by offering a lip plumping service without the need for injections. I feel this would cater well to my clients seeking a ...
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Skin Rejuvenation Series: Tackling Facial Redness

In this Skin Rejuvenation Series, we’re enlisting the expertise of our Training and Clinical Manager Lashana Shepherd to deliver her top tips and insights on skin rejuvenation. Today’s topic? Facial redness. Facial Redness Explained + The Top 4 Ways To Treat It Whether it be rosacea, patchiness, ...
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Meet SuperLUX PRO

SuperLUX PRO is a leading aesthetics workstation with 9+ skin and hair treatments including painless SHR hair removal, photo rejuvenation, tattoo removal, carbon facials and more. Find out more now! SHR hair removal, tattoo removal, photo rejuvenation and more! We’ve upped the ante on our best-selling SuperLUX ...
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