How to win more male clients

Is your salon, spa or clinic inclusive of the male client? Ensuring it is will not only widen your customer demographic, it will expand your profit potential and help raise your business to a new level of growth and success. Here are 4 ways to ...
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Increasing your online engagement with Instagram Stories

Is your Instagram feed getting all of your attention while your Stories feature is sitting there like a ghost town? Here are 4 reasons why it is time to liven up your Instagram activity with a weekly story, or two! 1. Your followers want stories The Stories feature ...
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Your Divine PRO Questions Answered

With nonsurgical aesthetic technologies raising the bar on what is possible in the treatment chair, clients have more flexibility than ever when it comes to designing their own service experience. Divine PRO is one such technology that is offering clients an easier, more approachable solution ...
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Set yourself up for success this new financial year

Your action plan of positive changes for FY 2019/2020 1. Take advantage of the $30,000 small business tax deduction The new financial year is the perfect time to take stock of your business and plan for the future. Have you noticed a growing number of mature aged clients ...
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It’s true! Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

Now is the time to bundle together enticing “Beach-ready” package deals Getting your clients in shape for summer starts now! When it comes to your winter marketing campaigns, one important thing to be pointing out to customers is that now is the best time to be starting body ...
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3 Ways to Upsell LED Treatments

Push your LED investment to its fullest potential Any forward-thinking skin specialist understands what a valuable asset LED technology adds to the treatment room environment. With LED, clients can receive advanced skin rejuvenation and corrective treatments that are superior to topical skincare, and gentler than other skin ...
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4 reasons why clients choose geneO+™ for skin rejuvenation

Why this anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation platform has quickly become a spa and clinic favourite! The success of your treatments and services is ultimately dependent on the reaction, response and feedback of your clients If a client loves their results, they will spread the word to their ...
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Getting started with Before & After photos

Why You Need to be Taking Before & After Photos Before & After photos build better business It is one thing to have a beautifully crafted spiel regarding each of your treatments, but often — especially in the very visually based world of beauty and aesthetics — ...
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2 steps to the ultimate extractions

Power up your extractions with bt-Micro™ + DECONGEST Traditionally extractions have been performed with a non-mechanised comedone extractor tool — a process that is slow and time consuming. Nowadays, the most efficient, efficacious and powerful way to tackle extractions is with the bt-Micro™ ultrasonic exfoliating and ...
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Say goodbye to outdated skin analysis

Advanced Skin Consultations To Secure Sales And Treatment Bookings A results-driven skin analysis provides a solid foundation for better sales results and improved treatment outcomes. Your clients are bombarded with intuitive and intelligent technology in their everyday lives, and nowadays they expect no less in the ...
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4 ways to market Carbon Facials

Winning more customers with Carbon Facials Turn simple Carbon Facials into signature treatments and best-sellers Carbon Facials bring in business no matter which way you look at it: they are on-trend, treatments are quick with no downtime, skin is instantly revitalised, and results only get better with ...
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Why more salons are helping to remove unwanted tattoos

The rise of tattoo removal in beauty salons 1. The tattoo industry is booming More Australians than ever have tattoos. According to recent statistics, 1 in 5 Aussies have one or more tattoos, with women outnumbering men as the most tattooed sex. But with the rise in ...
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Spotlight On: Pigmentation

Expert tips for treating skin discolourations Australia's #1 Skin Concern Of all the skin irregularities out there, sun-soaked Australians are most concerned with pigmentation. And with skin discolourations spanning everything from sun spots to age spots, melasma and post-acne hyperpigmentation, it’s also a universal skin concern that ...
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MARKETING MANAGEMENT: 5 strategies for Increasing Client Referrals

Alongside social media and enticing promotions, your customers are one of the most results-driven ways to market your business and raise brand awareness. By creating a customer referral program, satisfied customers can help build your business by spreading the word for you. Here’s five referral ...
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5 Reasons Why LED is a Skin Therapist’s Best Friend

LED is a must-have technology not only due to its consumer popularity, but because of its sheer value-driven versatility in the treatment room. Here are 5 reasons why this is the one technology you do not want to be without. 1. LED is the easiest high-tech ...
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Layering Facials for Advanced Results

Are you incorporating advanced layered facials into your service range?  Push your treatment outcomes to greater heights ‘Layering’ is the aesthetic technique of combining 2 or more treatment technologies within a single service to deliver a fully comprehensive and psychologically satisfying treatment experience for your client. The following ...
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MARKETING MASTERCLASS: 4 reasons to start using Instagram Stories

Are you using Instagram Stories? Connecting with your target market through Instagram Stories It goes without saying that Instagram is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for beauty businesses alongside Facebook. But there’s one particular feature that deserves special attention when it comes to ...
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NY Business Booster Feature

Minimal effort, minimal budget marketing strategies to try now 3 low cost, no-fuss ways to boost your business Looking to increase your brand awareness and exposure in the New Year but have little budget, and little time? Try these three low cost, minimal effort marketing strategies to ...
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OBSERV 520 Skin Observation

Introducing OBSERV 520 to The Global Beauty Group OBSERV 520: The first step to optimum skin health Get ready to take a revolutionary journey beneath the skin’s surface with the OBSERV 520 skin observation platform, now available at The Global Beauty Group. This cutting-edge skin analysing system ...
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Why Carbon Facials Aren’t Slowing Down

TREATMENT SPOTLIGHT Are Carbon Facials missing from your treatment menu? Carbon Facials, also sometimes referred to as the Hollywood Peel, or Chinadoll Facial, are shaping up to be big business boosters for competitive salons, spas and clinics. Here are a few key reasons why: Carbon Facials offer ...
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