Skin Rejuvenation Series: Tackling Facial Redness

In this Skin Rejuvenation Series, we’re enlisting the expertise of our Training and Clinical Manager Lashana Shepherd to deliver her top tips and insights on skin rejuvenation. Today’s topic? Facial redness. Facial Redness Explained + The Top 4 Ways To Treat It Whether it be rosacea, patchiness, ...
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Meet SuperLUX PRO

SuperLUX PRO is a leading aesthetics workstation with 9+ skin and hair treatments including painless SHR hair removal, photo rejuvenation, tattoo removal, carbon facials and more. Find out more now! SHR hair removal, tattoo removal, photo rejuvenation and more! We’ve upped the ante on our best-selling SuperLUX ...
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6 marketing boosters that take 30 minutes or less

Strapped for time and feel your marketing is suffering as a result? These 6 marketing boosters take no more than 30 minutes, so there’s no excuse not to work on enhancing your marketing results. Just a little bit of time each day can make all ...
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5 tips for performing the perfect skin consult

We asked our Training and Clinical Manager, Lashana Shepherd to share her expertise on cultivating an A+ skin analysis experience that enhances your reputation as a skin specialist, and keeps customers coming back for more. Charge people for the privilege If you are looking to perform a ...
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Meet MediLUX: The must-have LED machine for 2019

MediLUX 5-in-1 LED workstation 5 treatment wavelengths for outstanding clinical results LED is arguably the most versatile aesthetic technology available on the market, valued for its ability to gently and effectively treat all skin types and expedite clinical results when combined with other facial treatments and services. We ...
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Bio-Therapeutic welcomes Annet King!

Bio-Therapeutic welcomes Annet King to the team as their new VP of Business Development. Welcoming Annet King  For many of you, Ms. King needs no introduction.  As Senior Director of Global Education of Dermalogica for over 19 years, she led the development of global IDI and ...
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Freshen up your marketing strategies for the year ahead

For beauty businesses, January is all about catering to the countless ‘New Year’s Resolution’ clients wanting to look good, feel good and improve their image and self-confidence. But this should apply to your business too. If you are pushing the same old promotions, then you ...
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4 expert tips for treating acne

The next topic in our Skin Rejuvenation Series is acne (if you missed our Pigmentation article, click here). Acne remains one of the major drivers of foot traffic into salons, spas and clinics the world over. These 4 acne management treatments will put your clients on ...
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4 Tips for a Festive Salon Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to mix a bit of business with pleasure and look at ways you can spread holiday cheer in (and out) of your salon, spa or clinic while setting your business up for a successful post-holiday ...
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OBSERV vs Woods Lamp skin analysis: Which method wins?

While Woods lamps have certainly been beneficial to our skin analysis' in the past, when compared to modern innovations such as the OBSERV 520, it is plain to see that with the right technology, you not only have the power to get the job done correctly ...
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3 Reasons You Need A Referrals Strategy

Marketing Masterclass - 3 reasons you need a referrals strategy (plus 5 ways to increase your referrals) Why referrals form an important part of business growth Think a referrals program is not worth the time and effort? You might reconsider after reading this. Here we highlight just 3 reasons ...
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Unpacking Microcurrent Therapy with Bio-Ultimate Platinum™

Here we look at 4 other ways Bio-Ultimate Platinum™ goes above and beyond standard microcurrent treatments to deliver comprehensive age management solutions for every client. Bio-Gloves™ The Bio-Gloves™ accessory included with the Bio-Ultimate Platinum™ system is an innovative treatment tool that allows clinicians to manually apply microcurrent ...
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Divine PRO: The #1 Platform for Skin Rejuvenation

Every so often a treatment innovation comes along that completely changes the beauty game, propelling the industry into the next stage of its technological evolution. One such innovation is undoubtedly Divine PRO. With 3 clinically proven aesthetic technologies for activating natural skin rejuvenation from within, Divine ...
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5 Tips for Maximising Customer Retention

80% of your salon, spa or clinic’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customer base. That makes your loyal customers pretty special individuals! Here we share 5 tips for maximising your revenue through customer growth and retention. 1. Get Personal For maximising customer ...
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TECH NEWS: OBSERV 2.0 making skin consults better than ever

For clinicians serious about delivering industry-leading skin consultations and treatment progress tracking, the new updates to the OBSERV 520 skin observation platform will yet again place you at the top of the game. New tools and features The OBSERV iPad app now features Advanced Imaging System ...
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4 tips for successful Father’s Day promotions

With more males than ever entering salons, spas and clinics for skin and hair services, annual Father’s Day promotions are a must for your marketing calendar. Here are 4 factors to keep in mind when planning for a successful Father’s Day promotional period. Talk to the ...
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